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Research and Technology Development

To keep creating new technologies that fit with the times – It is our mission.
We have taken in the leading-edge technologies as a forerunner in the industry. Our global vision and rich ideas will yield unlimited technological opportunities in the future.

Path of grab dredger modernization
Spud 1963
Rock crusher 1965
Diesel electric transmission 1967
Rock excavation grab of 13m3 class 1970
Echo sounding instrument 1972
Horizontal excavation system 1980s
Thruster 1994
GPS & Sonar 1994
Roof greening 2010
Blade and flat grab method 2012

Port-related commercial techniques certified and assessed by CDIT

Blade & flat grab method  No. 13001
Premix method of dredged soft mud soil: Assessment No. 98102
Hydraulic conveyor system: Assessment No. 93103

New Technology Information System of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (NETIS)

NETIS is a database which covers technology available for public works regardless of project under ministerial jurisdiction or subsidized project to the utmost extent.

Blade & flat grab method: NETIS registration No. QSK-120003

Premix method of dredged soft mud soil: NETIS registration No. QSK-070004


Patents and utility models

Grab bucket for finalizing excavation and the method of finalizing excavation
Sea bottom leveling device
Cross-shaped rock breaking hammer
Soil disposal chute
Replacement method for foundation with cement treated soil
Reclamation method of solidified soil
Belt conveyor for extra soft soil
Underwater banking method using lightweight premixed soil
Discharging device for underwater placing pipe
No-water-adding pump for dredged soft soil
Underwater riprap leveling method
Rock breaking hammer
Guide device for anchor connection on work vessels

Association which Kanmon joins
Plant Mixing Vessel Method (http://www.pre-mix.jp)

Feedback from the sites provides us with creative viewpoints of technology development.
Technology Development Center located in the Techno Base provides us with necessary facilities for geotechnical engineering studies such as new technology of premix method and aquatic environment improvement as well. To meet the era needs, we organize collaborative studies among government, industry and academia, and present papers at academic conferences proactively.

Geotechnical engineering study

Pumping resistance reduction device

Measurement of pumping pressure loss

Permeability experiment on embankment model of rock material

Technical research for aquatic environment

Experiment of fish reef made of recycled coal ash

Aquatic environment research

Research on environmental impact during underwater placement

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