Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing,Tunnels and Stations
Kanmon are part of the Marmaray Project,a group of companies constructing an underwater tunnel deep in the Bosphorus Channel.This International Route will connect Asia and Europe via the Republic of Turkey and is being developed using the 'sinking method'.

Honshu-Shikoku Bridges
Kanmon Channel Fairway dredging works
Akashi Strait Bridge substructure construction works
Kitakyushu Port Berth dredging works
Kanda Port seawall construction works, etc.

Kansai International Airport first phase seawall construction works
Kansai International Airport second phase seawall construction works
Chubu International Airport seawall and other construction works
Kashii Park Port Area reclaiming works
Tokyo Metropolitan International Airport foundation improvement and sand heaping works
Minami Honmoku reclaiming works
Honmoku Wharf reclaiming works
Ugina Inner Port Area reclaiming works
Tokyo Bay Crossing Road excavated material reclaiming works
Isahaya Bay seawall reclaiming works
Gamagori Otsuka Area reclaiming works, etc.

Hydraulic reclamation
Iwakuni Airport Runway Relocation seawall construction works
Shinkaimen Landfill construction works
Minami Honmoku reclaiming works
Isozaki Fishing Port pre-mixed reclaiming works
Yokkaichi Municipal Port Ishihara Area reclaiming works
Kobe Port disaster restoration and other reclaiming works
Haneda off-shore reclaiming works, etc.

Tokyo International Airport Chuubu International Airport Kansai International Airport

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