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Pre-Mix method reuses dredged soil effectively by cement treatment.
Recently the disposal of dredged soil coming from maritime construction works has become a big problem.We have tried to make effective use of dredged soft soil since 1990.As a result, we built a hydraulic reclaimer which can transport and place dredged soft soil without putting additional water,and also hydraulic reclaimers with pre-mix function.
Rokko Island Wharf disaster restoration works
(Pre-Mix method was adopted in some Hanshin Awaji Big Earthquake restoration works)
Pre-Mix vessels are fixed with plant equipment which can offer both cement treatment and transportation system-atically.It makes swift construction possible.Pre-Mix method is useful not only for reclamation works,but also for soil structure purposes,such as filling,dyke widening, temporary embankment etc inside and/or outside the revetments.
Used as soil structure materials,the soft dredging is no longer to be dumped into disposal area,which is running short in Japan.
@@@@ The treated material is transported without any water dilution processes.This means the bulk increment of the dredging is constrained at minimum,making it easy to control disposal area.
Provide treated material of high quality by mixing dredging with cement slurry by special mechanical apparatus.
Earth pressure against port and harbour structures could be greatly reduced due to the lightweight and hardened properties of the material.
Avoid water containments such as muddiness or PH increase when cast underwater,because the freshly treated material is sticky enough to resist dispersing.
Abole to build embankment directly both under and above water level with a slope of 1:3.

Wharf construction works to relocate the Iwakuni Airport runway Kanda Port Shinmatsuyama area reclamation works
Pier site deveopment works at Kanda Port Honkou area Scene of placing cement-treated soil

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