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We are most confident of our dredging technology,which meets the severe conditions of Kanmon Straits: the swiftest currents,rock plates and hard ground.
Some hundreds of vessels pass the Kanmon Waterway every day.It requires high dredging technology; we first developed spuds against strong currents, ultra-heavy grabs,excavation method with heavy drop hammers for rock-breaking, echo sonars,high-precison level excavation method in the deep water.These efforts have brought a good reputation and our participation in the large-scale construction works: Honshu-Shikoku Bridges substructure construction works and sunk-tunnel construction works in Bosporus Channel in Turkey,which constitutes Marmaray Project(Railway Bosporus Tube Crossing, Tunnels and Stations).

Bosporus Channel(Istanbul City)

(trench excavation for sunk tunnel)

Dredging Works for Hirado Straits waterway
(rock-breaking with a 50-ton drop hammer)
Smash, removal and loading of concrete structure
Removal of a huge stone by a heavy grab
Shimonoseki(New Port Area)dredging works
Removal of a huge stone by a heavy grab
Removed rocks